Video and Animation

Work-Related Video

Temple of the Apsara:

Available for purchase on Steam, a VR experience for the VIVE.  Resposible for 90% of the design, art, code, and sound.   Created in Unity 5

VOID Demo:

A demo created for the “VOID” – a Virtual Reality installation prototype.  Created in Unity 5

Montgomery Tunnel Project:

Created for the Utah Office of Tourism through Struck/Axiom, this project was the first of it’s kind: a complete vinyl wrap of a pedestrian tunnel in San Francisco BART system (video by Struck/Axiom).

Will-I-Am PULS Watch Announcement:

Created for the announcement of Will-I-Am’s “PULS Watch” in San Francisco.  Provided Struck/Axiom with an extensive amount of 4K animation and large format prints (renders).

Dinner for Schmucks: Painting:

A “painting” created for the movie “Dinner for Schmucks”.  We had no idea it was going to be used for a scene as I was originally told it was going to be a “background prop” (completed with Abe Day).

Avalanche Software Logo:

Created in Lightwave and used for the credits/intro video of Disney-owned Avalanche Software’s video games.

Horton Hears a Who – Test:

Created in Softimage as a test for Axiom – to be used in a teaser commercial.

VIEW Install Plugins:

One example of several instructional videos created in Sony Vegas for the V.I.E.W. project

Videos for Fun

Mac’s Back:

A little story about my dog, Mac, and his back surgery and subsequent recovery

Time Lapse 6:

An experimental collection of HDR sunrises and sunsets in Utah – captured with a Nikon D7100

Older Videos and Commercials

Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Effects, Editing ... and some Animation